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Past Events


Presented on July 9-17, 2021 at Kelsey Theatre


“Ordinary Days”   is a sung-through musical, in which the entire story is told through songs. Music and lyrics are by American composer Adam Gwon. Premiered at Pennsylvania Centre Stage in Summer 2008, the show follows the lives of four New Yorkers: Claire, Jason, Warren, and Deb. Told in 21 dynamic and memorable songs that are equal parts funny and poignant, the four explore how their ordinary lives are intertwined in the most amazing ways as they search for meaning and fulfillment. Originally set several years after 9/11, the themes of connection and resilience remain incredibly relevant in 2021.    

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"Ordinary Days"   has been double cast due to COVID precautions. The cast features d in the July 16 and 17 performances include: Jazmynn Perez and Stephanie Garcia as Claire; Shawn Tapley and Nathan Olmeda as Jason; Jackson Jules and François Suhr as Warren; and Karaline Rosen and Zoe Necowitz as Deb.  

Rehearsals have taken place outside of Kelsey Theatre observing CDC guidelines.   The show is produced by Kelsey Forward Initiative with producer Beverly Kuo-Hamilton. The production team also includes   Laurie Gougher as director, musical director and pianist; Fabiola Bien-Aimé as stage manager; and Mike Gilch as musical accompanist.   Sound design is by Evan Paine; lighting design is by Judi Parrish; set and stage design is by Haley Schmalbach  and Thomas Coppolecchia; and costumes are by Sally Page Sohor.  


Kelsey Theatre companies have pledged to take active steps through systemic policy change and individual accountability.

by Alexa Criscitiello of Broadway World

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Kelsey Theatre, located in West Windsor, NJ, recognizes the need for growth and is committed to learning from the past. Their aim is to foster an inclusive environment for people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, creeds, socio-economic statuses, nationalities and abilities. 

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The companies at Kelsey Theatre have pledged to take active steps towards true diversity through systemic policy change and individual accountability. Kelsey Forward Initiative, formed this past summer in response to supporting Black Lives Matter, concentrates on bringing more diversity into Kelsey Theatre.

Since March of 2020, the Kelsey Theatre has been dark due to Covid-19. This past December, a small team of production specialists and performers worked over four days under full safety protocols to produce Kelsey's first show of the 2021 season and their first online production.

Kelsey Theatre has returned with Kelsey's New Year's Resolution... Out of the Box, a concert created with the intent to showcase diverse actors and open the eyes of the theatre community and the public to show that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) performers should be and can be considered for roles that are traditionally played by white actors. This amazing cast and a lot of "video-magic" showcases a special zoom call and group finale, and is not to be missed.

This show features songs performed from past Kelsey productions with the talents of Lynn Baskin, Steven Brandt, Jina Choi, Roberta Curless, Mimi B. Francis, Simon Hamilton, Dayley KatzMakenna Katz, Mai Kawamura, Maria Keyser, Sheilla Kraft, Jonathan Polanco, Sasha Saco, Shawn Simmons, Kyrus Keenan Westcott, and Shan Williams. The show is presented by Kelsey Theatre and Kelsey Forward Initiative. Production staff includes Producer Beverly Kuo-Hamilton, Technical Director John M. Maurer, Music Coordinator Pamela Sharples, and Stage Managers Melissa Gaynor and Fabiola Bien-Aimé.

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