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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 K.R.E.W. stands for: Kelsey’s Responsibility; Everyone’s Welcome.


The K.R.E.W. was founded on principles that EVERYONE who shares our theatre space should feel like they are an important part of our theatre family


K.R.E.W. is a protected, safe space for anyone to utilize. If anyone has a need for support, they can utilize K.R.E.W.'s purpose of providing a platform for those who may need one. 

Colored Theatre Lights

At The Core

In order to make sure that everyone feels safe coming to K.R.E.W., no board member of any Kelsey Theatre company, as well as no person in or who will be in a position to cast a production at Kelsey (even if not on the board of a company), may serve on K.R.E.W. (Examples: director, music director, choreographer, stage manager). K.R.E.W. was made for the people and will be run by the people to ensure it runs smoothly and without possible outside interference. In addition, a mediator--an educational advisor in the MCCC community--will oversee K.R.E.W. and assist, should the situation be something of great importance. 

Sometimes K.R.E.W. won't get involved. Certain situations may be investigated but never move any further. Others may not be something K.R.E.W. would even get involved in. Regardless of the differences, each issue will get the respect and attention it deserves with empathetic and meaningful involvement. This is to ensure that the program retains its credibility as a free-standing community support body to ensure that Kelsey continues to remain a safe and productive space for all parties involved.

Ways To Contact

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Request K.R.E.W. Assistance

We're here for you.

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